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Bible Version Selection Tool Scriptural Prayer Database

This index is extracted from material in the first edition of When 3 to 8 Gather which is currently under revision for a new edition. The new edition will not include the indexes because they proved too clumsy to use in the context of prayer groups. I believe they are still valuable as a resource for study, so I'm providing them here. In addition, I'm providing some translations, notes and adaptations of scriptures into prayers as a guideline for those who would like to pray scriptures. I suggest strongly that you don't limit yourself to these or to any single set of written prayers, but rather use these to help you get out of any rut you may be in with regard to your prayer life. Use them to get new ideas, not to limit your options.

Prayers by Model

A prayer model is simply an approach to prayer. The most common prayer model is the simple petition. You have a need, you ask God to fill it. Other models include blessing, in which one prays or speaks a specific blessing over some person or situation, praise, in which one praises God for the solution to a problem. Models can be combined, and I again recommend that you don't get stuck in a limited number of ways of communing with God. Let these models help expand your prayer life.

Prayers by Profile

Prayer profiles are essentially praying people in the Bible whose prayer lives can give us an example. Look at how each of these major Bible characters related to God through their prayers.